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Body Awereness

Body AwerenessFrom baby to toddler there is not an I-picture. Everything is interconnected; child, parent, and the environment. Becoming aware of the body is developing and learning how to operate arms, hands and fingers are all improving.Around two years old, a child realizes that there is a me and a you. This is the time a child has a will and wants to do things themselves.Everything you do has a consequence. Look at building a block tower. If the child does not stack well, and the tower falls over. When you use your hand to eat a snack or use a fork, the sensation of bringing the food in the mouth is different. For this purpose, body awareness is needed.Because children grow rapidly and are developing fast, you need to have the feeling of who you are and adjust to that. This is reflected in several phases. If a child develops a healthy body awareness he must move to feel where he is and that he lives.Touching everything and putting things in the mouth will not typically characterize a child aged 4 and older.A child gets insecure because he cannot do what is expected of him and what other peers have been able to do.Which problems may appear by at school when body awareness is not yet fully developed:-insecurity-not writing on a line-touch other kids all the time-cannot sit still-poor concentration-trouble to asses situation and to automate-poor gross motor skills-put things into the mouthWhat can you do?Children do playful and fun-oriented movements. Children learn where their body begins and where it ends. A child develops self-confidence. They are able to assess situations and numbers and this helps to do math.

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